I have to tell you all something that not many people know- Captain Planet lives at my house!  For years, before it was cool, my husband  recycled bits and pieces of our household waste. For a long time we laughed quietly at the things that he’d pull out of the garbage after us. We’d have neighbors and friends over to cook out and he would set out two garbage containers. One for garbage and one for cans and bottles. Our dear guests don’t always understand his system and often discard in the wrong bin. And… it never failed the next morning we were awakened by the cling and ping of bottles and cans being sorted into their appropriate home.  Bless his heart, he was sorting away and  it didn’t matter that they may have been coated in dried BBQ sauce or an occasional bean.

But then it became clear that recycling was not only cool but is the right thing to do .  Now we recycle everything – paper, magazines, tin foil, plastic, cans, bottles, and – we have a compost pile. When I am busy in the kitchen not only do I have the Rachel Ray GB (garbage bowl) I also have a CB (compost bowl) and a RB ( recyle bowl). Half of my counter space is eaten up with destination bowls – I think I need counter extensions for my bowls.

Occasionally I have things that do not fit into the CB or RB but I hate to put them in the GB. This would include things like stale bread or a mistake batch of cupcakes or cookies. My husband is convinced that the chubby little squirrels and birds that reside in our yard don’t get enough to eat during the winter. So he finds joy in placing it all outside in “their spot”.   I had a good chuckle the other day. He had run outside to drop off a bowl of winter food and came back in and said there was a squirrel outside standing upright with a cupcake cupped in his hands like he’d just found gold! I don’t know if that squirrel was smiling but I was – and it sure would have been a great picture to use in future advertising campaigns!

We have alot of recyclable materials in our home and it just makes sense take care of the planet.  We have been doing it for years but since October our pick up service monitors what we recycle and gives us reward points.  We’ve not redeemed them yet because  the real rewardis knowing that since October what we’ve recycled has saved 9 trees and 605 gallons of water – and that is just 4 months.  WOW!  That make me proud.  I think I am going to go make a Captain Planet Cake right now!

In closing a fact that we can all relate to – Did you know, the Hershey Company in the US produces about 20,000,000 kisses each day using 133 square miles of aluminum to wrap them in; this material is recyclable and most of it ends up in the trash rather than the recycle bin. Intersting fact!  Recycle.