January 12th, 2011

Cookin’ Up A Storm

On these snow days my business has been a little slow but it’s given me the opportunity to get caught up on some things. There are exciting new additions to the website that should be posted by the end of the week. Don’t worry, we’ve not taken away any of the great stuff, just added more of it!

I also added to the catering menu and that will be posted soon as well. Remember if you want a Casserole To Go, you can look at the catering menu and pick your entree. They come in two sizes as indicated on the website under the tab. I hope that you take advantage of this service after a long day at work.  It’s nice to know there is a home-cooked meal waiting for you, that you didn’t have to prepare.

I managed to find the recipe for German Brown Bread that belonged to my grandmother. So this morning when I couldn’t sleep at 4am, I was up making bread – which led to Creme Brulee!  Did I tell you that I love to cook?  I find it such a great way to be creative and to me it is very theraputic – except for doing the dishes part. Needless to say the days of my long manicured nails are long gone.  

I have many of our family recipes on hand but am working on gathering more and more of them. They are such an important part of our family history. There are certain foods and smells that remind you of people in your life. Every time I smell bacon I think of my grandmother in Texas – which make me think of her chocolate cream pie, her black-eyed peas, and she always had a pitcher of Tang in the refrigerator for me!  My grandmother up north was German and I remember her rolling out strudel on the kitchen table and making blood sausage and raw dog for my dad and uncles. Oh they loved that!  Not sure I will be offering that anytime soon. 

I want my kids and sister to have the same memories of eating here.  And I want to be able to pass along all of these family heirlooms to them.

Do you have a favorite dish that makes you think of someone special?

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