January 9th, 2011

A New Year!

I am so looking forward to 2011 and all that it will bring. I want to thank you for your business in 2010.  You have been amazing customers and so kind with your compliments and referrals – that is so important to every business owner. I will always strive to give you the best possible food and just as important,  top notch service as I know how important that is – an unfortunately lacking in way too many business’ today. 

This blog is new and I want you to enjoy it. I want to share with you things we are trying, our crazy days, our success’ and probably a whole lot of funny stuff that happens here! 

I just got back from a Western Carribean Holiday Cruise and had a chance to sit and catch my breath.  I had time to watch Julie and Julia and I was inspired on so many levels… what a fantastic person Julia Child was!  I was wishing that I had time to do one new recipe a day a blog about it – but thanks to my customers I do not! But.. I do take an afternoon a week to test new ideas and I will share with you my results. 

Tonight I am in the process of adding new menu items to the catering menu and… adding new cupcake flavors that will blow you away!  Also… be sure to check out our Cupcake Party, Cupcake Bar and don’t forget that we do Cupcake Towers for your special occasion.

In the meantime, I welcome your feedback, lets chat!

3 comments on “A New Year!

  1. Walking in the prsencee of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

  2. That’s raelly thinking out of the box. Thanks!

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