The cupcakes were fantabulous!!!! They were the biggest hit of the party. Thank you soooo much! I spent a ton of money last year on a fancy cake for her 1st and your cupcakes were far and away more tasty. I’m quite sure you’ll be hearing from me again soon.  Jaime

Do you have a party lined up at home, at work or some other fun location and want to make it extra fun and yummy? Order a Cupcake Party Kit for each of your guests and you’ve got the cake and fun covered in one sweet, sprinkly treat!

Your Cupcake Party Kits includes:

  • Two undecorated cupcakes in each kit – one to eat and one to take home. 
  • One buttercream frosting bag per guest
  • One candy topping and sprinkles packet
  • Gift box for each guest
  • $8.00 per kit , delivered to your party location 

      It’s All So Yummy! Decorating demonstration provided upon request for an additional fee of $25

It’s All So Yummy! will bring a variety of nearly naked cupcakes to your home or office party, event or reception and our Cupcake Bar Decorators will customize your cupcake with your choice of fillings, frostings and  yummy toppings.  Call for more information on flavors and pricing. 

It’s All So Yummy! will meet with you and design a cupcake tower that captures the spirit of your big event whether it be a birthday party, a shower , wedding or any other celebratory event, we will make your guests say ahhh.
Cupcake TowerCupcake TowerCupcake Tower