“Kim – your cupcakes were absolutely fabulous! I took the remainder to the bridge center at Deane Hill today and they got rave reviews there as well. I loved the presentation, the tier, tulle and lights just made everything look so beautiful. Thanks again for your help.”  Pat


These flavors are $25 per dozen

Note – We do not make all flavors everyday otherwise we’d never sleep!  So we ask that you pick two flavors per dozen that you order.

 Original Chocolate Passion – Our Original Chocolate Passion Cake frosted with chocolate buttercream and chocolate sprinkles

Hot Cocoa – Original chocolate cupcake, chocolate marshmellow buttercream topped with mini marshmellows and dusted with cocoa

Marble – Chocolate and white swirled cake, chocolate and white swirled buttercream and gold sprinkles

White - Moist delicious white cake with your choice of white or chocolate buttercream. Topped with colorful sprinkles

Red Velvet – A classic made cupcake with cream cheese icing and a chocolate sprinkled candy on top

Chocolate Orange – Chocolate orange cake with chocolate orange buttercream. Topped with an orange slice

Root Beer – A root beer cupcake with root beer buttercream.  A straw tops it off for your enjoyment

Coconut - Moist white cake filled with coconut and iced with white buttercream. You will love the mound of coconut on top

Chocolate Peanut Butter – Out Original Chocolate Passion Cake with peanut butter chips and special flavoring, chocolate buttercream and a peanut butter cup on top

Lemon Poppy seed – A light lemon poppy seed cupcake with a light lemon icing under a dollop of cream cheese icing.

Jacks Passion – Our Original Chocolate Passion Cake with the flavor of Jack Daniels in the cake and in the chocolate buttercream icing. These are topped with our signature sugar roasted pecans

Raspberry Mocha – Ummm – raspberry mocha cupcake with chocolate buttercream. Nestled on top you will find a raspberry 

German Chocolate – A favorite of many.  Your cupcake is topped with gooey german chocolate icing and topped off with a chocolate chunk

Maple Bacon – A maple cupcake, maple buttercream and a piece of crispy yummy bacon on top

Butter Pecan – Butter pecan cake and cream cheese icing host a gathering of sugar roasted pecans

Carrot - The most delicious carrot cake you will ever have iced with our special cream cheese icing

These flavors are $30 per dozen

                                                                                             Note – We do not make all flavors everyday otherwise we’d never sleep!  So we ask that you pick two flavors per dozen that you order.

White Almond – Almond flavored white cake, apricot filling and amaretto buttercream frosting with a slivered almond

Lemon – Vanilla cake with a lemon curd filling , lemon buttercream and a lemon jellybean

White Raspberry – White cake with a raspberry filling, white buttercream and a raspberry on top

Chocolate Threat – Original Chocolate Passion cake, dark chocolate filling, chocolate buttercream and a chocolate chunk to top it off

Oh My Almond Joy – Yummy coconut cake, an almond in the center, chocolate buttercream icing with a hint of coconut on top

Key Lime – White Cake, key lime curd filling, lime buttercream and a lime candy on top

Options -

Special occasion liners $3 per dozen

Special sugar toppers such as flowers, babies, animals etc $5 per dozen