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Catering Menu

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Home-style biscuits served with butter and jam. $1.75pp

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

Home-style biscuits served with sausage gravy. $3.50pp

Little Smokies or Bacon

Great little bite sized beef smokies. $2.50pp

Scrambled Eggs

Fluffy scrambled eggs to start your morning off! Ham and cheese included upon request. $2.75pp Ham and Cheese $3.25 pp

Breakfast Casserole

This sausage and cheese casserole will fast become a favorite! $4.00pp

Bagels and Cream Cheese

Fresh bagels and cream cheese $2.50pp

Breakfast Box

Bagel or muffin, choice of fruit cup or yogurt and granola, and banana $5.99pp

 Fruit Muffins

Moist and delicious muffins made with seasonal fruit. Varieties will vary depending on availability. $2.75pp

Sandwich Trays

Cafe Sandwich Tray

Includes an assortment of sandwiches. Choose from our homemade chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad, yummy sandwich and turkey, ham or roast beef. Served on our signature sourdough white bread or our wheat berry bread. Includes American and Swiss cheeses, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard and mayo. Additional toppings available upon request and may include an additional charge.

$5.50 pp or $6.50 pp with chips

Club Sandwich Tray

Features ham, turkey and bacon served on our signature sourdough bread, toasted. With both Swiss and cheddar cheese, honey mustard and mayo. Topped with lettuce and tomato.

$8.50 pp or $9.00 pp with chips

Yummy Sandwiches

These sandwiches are a sure hit…. made with turkey, ham and a variety of cheese these baked sandwiches are served warm covered with a buttery topping made with onion flakes, mustard, poppy seed and special seasonings.

$5 pp or $6 pp with chips

Wrap it Up Tray

Includes a variety of wraps. Choose from our homemade chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad, and turkey, ham or roast beef Served on flour tortillas. Includes American or Swiss cheeses and lettuce in the wrap. Additional toppings available upon request and may include an additional charge.

$6.50 pp or $7.50pp with chips

*Trays include an assortment of half sandwiches. The price per person includes each person eating two halves.

Side Salads

Fresh Spinach Salad

Tossed with apples, bleu cheese, and buttered pecans, topped off with red onions. $3.75pp

Chopped Salad

Chopped lettuce, cabbage, carrots, celery, sweet peppers and topped with homemade croutons.


Crunchy Slaw

This is the crunchiest, most colorful, tangy and sweet salad that you will ever have! It is a variety of chopped cabbages, carrots, sweet peppers, broccoli, green onions tossed in a tangy homemade dressing. Perfect as a side or with bread. $3.25 pp

Greek Macaroni Salad

Twisted macaroni and a tangy vinaigrette play host to bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, feta cheese and garbanzo beans. $3.50 pp

Favorite Macaroni and Pea Salad

Another family favorite! Made with cooked elbow macaroni, ham and cheddar cheese cubes, frozen peas and bits of celery for that extra crunch. Dressed with a mayo based dressing.

$3.50 pp

Layered Taco Salad

This salad will make you say ‘ole! Layers of lettuce, seasoned meat (beef or chicken), black beans, tomatoes and cheese. Topped with crushed Doritos and dressing. $5pp

Greek Salad

Organic spring mix with feta cheese, Greek olives, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, bell peppers, red onions, & our homemade Greek dressing.

$5 pp

Prices are for salads as main course, ask about pricing for salads as sides

Homemade “Scoop” Salads

Premium Salads

Chicken, Tuna, Egg

Scoop (12oz) $5.50 Pint (16oz) $9.50 Quart $16

Tray (3 quarts) $42.00

Side Salads (some salads are seasonal )

Broccoli, Cranberry Jello, Pasta, Potato, Fresh Veggie, Fresh Fruit, Cucumber, Bean

Scoop (8oz) $3 .50 Pint $5.50  Quart $8

Tray (3 quarts) $21.00


Goat Cheese Balls

Mini balls of goat cheese rolled in various herbs and seasonings. Tasty for sure but also a beautiful display. $3.25pp

Italian Skewers

Skewers stacked with summer sausage, cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese and basil. Then lightly drizzled with olive oil and Italian herbs. $4.00pp

Hollow Cukes

Cucumbers cut into bite sized rounds, filled with a sour cream onion dip, chicken and tuna salad and pimento cheese and garnished with chives. $1.75pp

Fruit Kabobs

Kabobs of seasonal fruits. $3.50pp

Veggie Platter

Fresh veggies and French onion sour cream dip. $2.75pp

Simply Spirals

A mixture of cream cheese, spices and fresh sweet peppers rolled and cut into bit sized spirals. $2.75pp or $3.50pp with meat and cheese


Bite sized meatballs in your choice of marinara, BBQ or spicy orange sauce


Entrees (min. order 10pp)

Chicken Lasagna

A savory comfort food meets chicken. Also invited to this party you will find spinach, home grown Italian herbs, three cheeses and a very happy belly! $4.00pp

Beef Lasagna

A recipe handed down for years this lasagna is sure to please. Loaded with cheese, beef, noodles and lots of home grown herbs – you’ll be back for seconds. $4.00pp

Baked Spaghetti and Meatballs

A classic favorite baked into a casserole. The homemade special marinara makes this a top choice. $4.00pp

Soup Service

Choose from one of our hearty homemade soups. They change daily, so to guarantee we have your favorite, please give a 24 hour notice. Depending on your needs we do have a catering service to set up crock pots so your guests enjoy hot soup!

Pre-Portion Soup

 12 oz $4 16oz $5

Quart $9

6 Quart Bucket $50

Bagged Lunches

“Half” Bag

Choose a half of any sandwich from our cafe tray, bag of chips, cookie, and a tea.

$6 pp

“Whole” Bag

Choose a whole sandwich from our cafe tray, bag of chips, cookie and a tea.

$7.50 pp

*bagged lunches exclude Yummy Sandwiches




Regular & decaf served with sweeteners & creamers served in our containers to keep it steaming hot.

1.50/person (minimum 10 ppl)


Sweet, Unsweetened $5.00 gal

Bottled Coke Products/Dasani Water



Homemade Brownies

48 Bite Size Pieces


Cakes and Cupcakes

See website for selection

M&M or Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone’s favorites and you will love these cookies! $2.25pp

Homemade Banana Pudding

The BEST banana pudding you will ever eat!

3 Quart Tray $21.95

Ice Cream Catering


Scoop $3.50

Quart $10

Ice Cream Party

We bring our freezer and up to 4 different flavors and set up and serve for up to 1.5 hours. Includes sundae toppings.

$6.25 pp

We’ll Work With You

Don’t see what you want or are you working on a specific theme event? Let us know what your budget is and allow us to customize a menu based on your specific needs.

Its All So Yummy Cafe is locally owned and operated. We focus on making homemade hot & cold comfort food. Everything we make is made in our kitchen (even our ice cream!) using the freshest ingredients.

Perfect for any kind of social or business event!

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* We offer FREE delivery for 15 ppl or more, within a 5 mile radius

* 15% gratuity will be added for orders for 10 ppl or more

Call the cafe at 769-6539 for more information!